Collar Or Harness For Dachshund – Which Is Best And Why?

Collar or harness for dachshund – which is better and why? Is it really that bad of an idea to leash your dachshund’s collar or is the harness really a must?

Collar Or Harness For Dachshund Dogs?

Dachshunds have very fragile necks and backs because of their unique body shape so they are susceptible to back health problems such as Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) or even just simple traumas. 

Why Not Both? – Collar Or Harness For Dachshund

Of course, all of the above only applies to using collars for leashing or training.

Right from the get-go. Harnesses come in all sizes and are usually pretty adjustable.

When To Start Using A Harness? – Collar Or Harness For Dachshund

Different Types Of Harnesses And Which To Choose

• Standard body harness • Back support harness • No pull harness • Dog jackets and clothes with built-in harnesses

Harness Materials – Collar Or Harness For Dachshund

• Mesh harness • Leather harness • Fabric harness • Nylon harness

3 Measurements To Take For Your Dachshund’s Harness

• Neck girth at the widest point of the neck • Chest girth measured vertically behind the front legs • Back length measured between the base of the neck and the base of the tail

So, Collar Or Harness For Dachshund – What’s The Right Way To Go?

Harnesses are 100% the way to go for all dachshunds – mini and standard, young and old, healthy and not. 

Even if you think you’re being careful and your dog isn’t pulling on its leash, the support and safety provided by the harness are just unparalleled. 

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