Color Dilution Alopecia In Dachshund Dogs - Interesting Facts

Researching the potential health issues of a certain breed can be stressful. For example, what is this color dilution alopecia dachshund dogs struggle with? 

What Kind Of Condition Is The Color Dilution Alopecia Dachshund Dogs Often Have?

CDA is one of those hereditary conditions that breeders haven’t yet managed to deal with.

What Are The Symptoms Of Color Dilution Alopecia Dachshund Dogs Exhibit?

CDA can be noticed in a dog as early as its 6th month birthday.

It’s hard to say exactly how common the condition is as there’s no hard data on the percentage of dogs it affects.

How Common Is Color Dilution Alopecia In Dachshunds Exactly?

It’s every dog owner’s right to make their own mind but, as far as we’re concerned, color dilution alopecia is far from a serious enough reason not to get a dachshund. 

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