Color Dilution Alopecia In Dog- Causes and How It Is Treated

Researching the potential health issues of a certain breed can be stressful.

How is color dilution alopecia treated?

Fortunately, while CDA can’t be cured, it can be treated very easily with special shampoos.

What causes Colour dilution alopecia in dogs?

The exact cause and working process of the condition isn’t actually fully known. 

Why is my dachshund losing hair in patches?

Color dilution alopecia can very well lead to bald, dry, and scaly patches on your dog’s skin.

It’s not the only such skin condition that can produce similar problems but it is one of the more common ones in dachshunds

What does dilute mean in dogs?

The term “dilute” typically refers to the dd dilute gene many dogs carry. 

It’s a harmless gene that simply produces a lighter (or diluted) coat color in dogs.

This is the gene that leads to some unique dog colors such as blue, fawn, silver, charcoal, grey, slate, and so on.

The condition itself, while annoying and unpleasant, is a pretty simple skin and hair issue, similar to alopecia in humans. 

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