Dachshund Age In Human Years


Dogs age differently than people and it’s sometimes difficult to assess how old or mature they are. So, let’s talk about dachshund age in human years – how old is your Doxie really?

Dachshund Age In Human Years And The “1 To 7” Rule

The reason people came to think that 1 dog year is equal to 7 human years is that they thought dogs live seven times fewer years than us. It sounds logical at first – dogs live an average of 10 years and people live an average of 70 years.

How long do dachshunds live on average?

 Most experts cite an average of 12 to 16 years for dachshunds. This is not only true but it’s also much better than many other dog breeds.

Most dogs – almost regardless of their breed and size – will reach sexual maturity before or around their first birthday. 

Different aging progression

Dachshund age chart

Dachshund age - Human age 2 months -  2 years and 6 months 3 months -   3 years and 9 months 4 months -   5 years 5 months -   6 years and 3 months 6 months -    7 years and 6 months 7 months -   8 years and 3 months

Dachshund age calculator

If you’d rather use a calculator to see how old is my dachshund, check out this dog age calculator by Pedigree.

When Is My Dachshund Considered A Senior Dog?

Dachshunds live up to 16 years on average and can often reach or surpass the 20-year mark. So, by that logic, they spend 1 year as pups, 1 year as young adults, 4 years as adults, and 10-14 years as seniors? That doesn’t sound right.

The basic breakdown of a dachshund’s age goes as such: 0-1 years – a pup 1-2 years – adolescence 2-6 years – adulthood 6-16+ – senior years

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