Dachshund Back Surgery Success Rate And Why It’s Worth It


The Doxies’ long backs are adorable but that same dachshund spine anatomy can lead to some issues. So, let’s go over the dachshund back surgery success rate and why it’s worth it. 

What Is The Dachshund Back Surgery Success Rate?

According to studies, dachshunds within the 1-4 grades of IVDD progression have over 90% chance of successful recovery after surgery. 

When Is Surgery Necessary?

In the lightest possible cases, this is indeed a good course of action. In general, Doxies can get better without surgery if 1) they are young, 2) the problem is not that bad, and if 3) this is their first back issue.

The cost of IVDD surgery can be rather high, especially depending on where you live. The surgery itself will almost always cost somewhere between $1,500 and $4,000 in the US. 

Is The Surgery Expensive?

How Common Is IVDD In Dachshunds?

Most estimates suggest that about 25% of all dachshunds will get IVDD at one point or another.

Is Reoccurring IVDD In Dachshunds Common?

- IVDD doesn’t really ever go away. - As with any other statistic, this 25%-50% doesn’t account for all the people who haven’t taken proper care of their Doxies.

Does A Second IVDD Problem Mean Surgery Is Necessary?

Usually – yes. But, again, this is judged on a case-by-case basis by the veterinarian. If your dog has had a second slipped disk (or a second slipping of the same disc).

All things considered, a 90%+ surgery success rate for all but the worst IVDD cases is pretty good. It’s not 100%, of course, so no one should recommend unnecessary surgeries.

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