Dachshund Crying For No Reason


If you’re a new Doxie owner you may be surprised by how vocal these dogs are. So, you have a dachshund crying for no reason – 10 likely causes and what you can do about them. 

Why Is Your Dachshund Crying For No Reason?

As with any other dog breed, your dachshund is never crying for no reason. Like people, dogs always have a reason for what they are doing even if they are not really clear on that reason themselves.

10 Reasons Why Your Dachshund Is Crying For No Reasons

- Physical pain  -  A physical need -  Excitement -  Apology -  Attention seeking -  Anxiety  -  Loneliness -  Fear 

Dachshunds are one of the more vocal breeds out there, although we wouldn’t say they are the most “whiny” breed. 

Is A Dachshund Crying For No Reason More Common Than It Is For Other Breeds?

What Should You Do If Your Dachshund Is Crying For No Reason?

The most common issues are simple, everyday behavioral problems such as boredom and anxiety. 

If you’ve ruled out all such behavioral issues, however, that leaves you with a wide host of potential health issues. 

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