Dachshund Diet And Exercise


Having an overweight dachshund is annoying but common. It also greatly increases the dog’s health risks.

Dachshund Diet and Exercise

The basics of weight loss are quite simple and similar to what they are for us – lower the food intake and increase the daily exercise. 

Dachshund Weight Loss Plan

Ideally, any weight loss plan of an overweight dachshund should be prepared by its veterinarian. That’s because they will best know your dachshund’s personal needs, health risks, and other complications.

Two 30-minute walks a day are the standard but you might want to start slowly if your dog is too out of shape.

How Much Daily Exercise Should You Give Your Dog?

Dachshund Feeding Chart

Free-feeding Or A Schedule?

recommended daily food quantity into 2 or 3 – however many meals you’re going to give your dog. Every meal can be the same, there doesn’t need to be a difference between them.

What Is The Best Diet For Dachshunds?

- Meat by-products as those can include slaughterhouse waste -  Corn -  Wheat -  Cornmeal

Getting a dachshund on the right diet and exercise is relatively simple but very important. The right exercise plan should mitigate all risks of back or joint trauma. 

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