Dachshund & Door stoppers - Why Do They Bark At them?


You’ve just installed a new doorstop to keep your door from banging on the wall. But now you’ve got a dachshund playing with doorstop.

What do dachshund like to play with?

People view them as less physically active than other dogs due to their size but that’s only partly true.

So, what can you expect to capture your Doxie’s attention? Simply put – anything at their eye level. 

Why does my dog bark at the door stopper?

Door stoppers are a surprisingly effective dog toy that many people don’t think about.

Particularly the sping-type door stoppers are a favorite of many small dog breeds and young puppies.

Why do dogs attack door stoppers?

Dogs can be weirded out by many otherwise inconspicuous things, especially if they haven’t seen them before.

Alternatively, many dogs, particularly of shorter breeds like the dachshund, start viewing door stoppers as fun toys to play with.

If your dog does neither of those things and continues to genuinely hate/fear and attack the door stopper, you may need to remove it.

There’s also a risk of a dental issue if the dog gets overexcited in trying to bite the doorstop.

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