Dachshund Front Leg Problems And What To Do About Them


Most people are aware that dachshunds have some spinal issues. However, there are other things to watch out for with this breed.

5 Most Common Dachshund Front Leg Problems

1. Antebrachial Growth Deformity - This condition is specific to the front legs of dachshunds and if affects their length.

5 Most Common Dachshund Front Leg Problems

2. Bowlegged Syndrome - also called pes varus, affects the hind legs rather than the front legs.  3. Luxating Patella -  is another condition that often strikes the dachshund’s hind legs.

4. Elbow Dysplasia -  affects the three main bones in the dog’s legs and easily leads to more bone deformation. 5. Traumas and Injuries

5 Most Common Dachshund Front Leg Problems

What Are The Main Signs Of Dachshund Leg Problems?

• Dachshund front leg limp • The position of the legs • Different leg lengths • Shorter steps • Stiffness

Are Shaking, Inability To Walk, and Partial/Full Paralysis Symptoms Of Leg Problems?

If your dog has shaking, paralysis, or walking difficulties in its front legs, the spinal issues are likely near the base of the neck. 

How Are The Common Dachshund Front Leg Problems Treated?

• You’re feeding your Doxie with a high-quality diet • You give your regular, extensive, • Give your dog a safe and comfortable lifestyle 

Because of their long backs, dachshunds often have back problems. This is largely due to the genetic dwarfism that the breed was selected for. Another feature of this dwarfism is the Doxies’ short legs. 

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