Dachshund Lab Mix Size & Other Breed Info


The Dachsador or Doxiedor is a very peculiar and cute crossbreed. However, what is the standard dachshund lab mix size you can expect?

Dachshund Lab Mix Size

This crossbreed isn’t recognized by most major kennel clubs so there isn’t any “breed standard” to look at. However, like a crossbreed, we know that Dachsadors will fall anywhere

Lab Mixed With Dachshund Health Details

Both parent breeds of the Dachsador are pretty healthy overall but they are not immune to health issues.

Adoption is, of course, always a great option too – just make sure to ask for the health details of the dog you’re getting. From there, it’s all a matter of good food, good exercise, and routine vet visits.

All in all, the precise dachshund lab mix size should affect the dog’s health – all that matters is if the parents were healthy and if the dogs were bred with each other properly.

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