Dachshund Legs Turned Out


Dachshunds have a lot of peculiar features but they are not all fun. For example, dachshund legs turned out – why does it happen and what does it mean?

Dachshund Legs Turned Out – Is This Normal?

Up to a point, it is normal for your dachshund’s legs to be a bit turned out. Citing an exact angle is different but it’s usually obvious when your dog’s legs are too turned out.

Why Are Dachshund Legs Turned Out?

The main reason is inherent to the breed and unavoidable – it’s the dwarfism that also makes dachshund legs short and their backs – long and cute.

• Physical trauma • Overgrown nails • Overweight • Nutritional deficiencies • Antebrachial growth deformity (ABGD)

Other Causes Of Dachshund Legs Turned Out

So, Dachshund Legs Turned Out – What To Do?

• Keep your dachshund’s weight in check • Don’t let your dachshund jump up and down furniture

Officially called achondroplasia, it’s a form of osteochondrodysplasia. Simply put, this is a type of genetic dwarfism that was bred into dachshunds some six centuries ago by German breeders to make these dogs extra short.

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