Dachshund Loyalty To One Person – How Serious Is It?


Doxies are friendly dogs but what about the famous dachshund loyalty to one person – how serious is it, is it a problem, and what can you do about it?

Why Is The Dachshund Loyalty To One Person What It Is?

Doxies were bred as a scenthound breed in Germany. For centuries they were used to track and chase badgers, rabbits, and other forest burrower animals during hunts. Why does this matter, however?

What Additional Factors Can Further Focus The Dachshund Love Onto A Single Person?

‣ You are the one feeding the dog ‣ You rescued the pup personally from the pound or from the streets ‣ The dog went through the obedience training routine  ...

When is this “obsessive loyalty” a problem and when is it just cute? There are several levels to the typical dachshund loyalty ...

Is My Dachshund A Bit Too Clingy?

Levels of Dachshund Loyalty To One Person

‣ Level 1 Your dachshund prefers to sleep with and spend time with one person but also clearly loves everyone ... ‣ Level 2 The dachshund tends to avoid certain family members. There doesn’t  ... ‣ ...

What To Do If Your Dachshund Isn’t Social With All Family Members?

The way to deal with this situation is pretty intuitive – socialize the dog slowly, steadily, and responsibly. Another important note is to make sure the dachshund knows he/she is not the alpha of the  ...

Going through this process is important not just for your own sake but for the dog’s too. Dachshunds are prone to separation anxiety so the more people the dog can trust and feel good with, the lesser the risk of severe anxiety.

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