Dachshund Playing With Doorstop


You’ve just installed a new doorstop to keep your door from banging on the wall. But now you’ve got a dachshund playing with doorstop – what’s that about?

Why Is Your Dachshund Playing With Doorstop?

The dachshund doorstop relationship can be both fun and annoying to deal with, depending on how durable your doorstop is and how much you tolerate the noise of it being pawed at. 

What If Your Dog Is Aggressive With The Doorstop?

Barking is to be expected whether your dog is playing or is being aggravated but if your dog is outright afraid or mad at the doorstop, this can be annoying to deal with.

It could be. In some cases, your dog can be playing with the doorstop so aggressively that it damages the device. 

So, Is The Dachshund Playing With Doorstop A Problem?

Yet, at the same time, doorstops can be a great source of fun for your dog. Take a look at what these pet owners made for their pup with a few doorstops and a wooden board, for example. 

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