Dachshund Rash On Belly


It’s the afternoon, you’re playing with your Doxie on the couch when you notice something. Your dachshund has a rash on the belly – what is it and what to do?

Possible Causes For A Dachshund Rash On The Belly

Dachshunds can suffer from some skin issues but very few of them are breed-specific. In fact, the most common Doxie-specific skin issue – Acanthosis Nigricans – doesn’t really lead to rashes so there’s no need to worry about it.

Skin Infections

• Yeast infections • Seborrhea • Other types of dermatitis • Bacterial folliculitis • Mange • Fungus infection (ringworm)

After long walks and hikes, this means that their bellies’ skin can easily get irritated by all the contact with grass, bushes, dirt, and so on.

Environmental Irritants

Food Allergies

• Wheat, Grain, Beef, Dairy, Chicken, Fish , Pork, Rabbit & Eggs

Seasonal Allergies& White

- Skin Allergies: some ingredients in doggie shampoos, conditioners, and medications.   - Parasites: such as ticks, fleas, and others affect dachshunds as much as other breeds. 

Genetics and Nutrition

Dachshund dry skin can be caused by certain genetic predispositions that a reputable breeder ought to have worked to avoid. 

How To Treat A Dachshund Rash On The Belly?

There are some home remedies you can see online such as aloe vera yogurt, and so on. However, we’d say that rashes need to be treated like the medical condition they are.

Prevention is the best medicine. In the case of rashes, that means avoiding all of the different causes we’ve listed above. A good diet will prevent food allergies as well as malnutrition. 

Prevention To Avoid Dachshund Rash On The Belly In The First Place

All that, together with frequent skin inspections during grooming to catch any rashes early should be enough to keep your dachshund’s skin health in perfect shape.

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