Do Dachshunds Like Cats Or Is This Pet Combo Impossible?

Dachshunds can like cats if you teach your dog not to view the cat as prey. And that’s the difficult part.

Do Dachshunds Like Cats?

After that, there is nothing about a cat a dachshund wouldn’t like – they are not too large, not too loud, and not too active of a pet to bother your dachshund.

How To Make Your Dachshund More Social?

Simple – get them to meet plenty of people and animals regularly and from an early age. 

A well-socialized feline can easily tolerate a small dachshund puppy. In fact, a female cat will most likely adopt it as her own kitten and the two will get along swimmingly.

Is It Easier To Get Your Dachshund A Cat Or Your Cat – A Dachshund?

So, Do Dachshunds Like Cats and What Can You Do If Not?

In general, dachshunds don’t actively “dislike” cats but they may view them as prey. 

You can do it with enough patience, training, extensive socialization, and a slow and smooth introduction to the two animals. It’d just be difficult and many people prefer not to go through with it. 

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