Do Dachshunds Like Other Dogs

Having one dog is great but what’s better is having two! Say you have a Doxie, however. Do dachshunds like other dogs and what are 15 breeds that get along with them? 

Do Dachshunds Like Other Dogs?

Dachshunds can easily like and even love other dogs under the same roof. This isn’t a guard dog breed nor do Doxies have any inherent dog aggression.

What Do You Need To Do Before You Get A Second Dog?

As with any other dog breed, socialization and obedience training are important for dachshunds. It almost doesn’t matter what breed your dog is, if it has never been socialized with other animals, it won’t get along with a second pet. 

– Husky – Briard – Doberman Pinscher – Miniature American Shepherd – Pyrenean Shepherd

15 Dogs Compatible With Dachshunds

15 Dogs Compatible With Dachshunds 

– Boykin Spaniel – French Bulldog – Whippet – Jack Russel Terrier – Toy Fox Terrier – Boston Terrier – Bull Terrier – Clumber Spaniel – Finnish Spitz – Pug

So, do dachshunds like other dogs? As a rule, yes. However, picking the right pooch for your Doxie is still important. Like people, dachshunds can be opinionated as well as quite picky about who they hang out with.

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