Do Dachshunds Like To Swim and Are They Good At It?

Many dogs love to swim but Doxies are not a typical dog which begs the question – do dachshunds like to swim and are they good at it?

Do Dachshunds Like Water?

Every dog is different so we can’t guarantee that your Doxie will like or hate water. There are some dogs of almost all breeds that just hate water (except, maybe, water dog breeds like Labrador retrievers).

Do Dachshunds Like To Swim?

They can, as long as they want to. Dachshunds don’t have the problem of a skewed center of balance that breeds such as the English bulldog have.

Doxies have never been used as a dedicated water dog the way most retriever breeds have. Instead, dachshunds were primarily used as scent hounds. 

Do Dachshunds Like To Swim Historically?

Are Dachshunds Good Swimmers?

Doxies aren’t really “good” swimmers by any realistic measure. On account of their small bodies and ...

Is There A Point In Getting Your Doxie To Swim?

There are several possible reasons and benefits of teaching your Doxie to swim: * Swimming is one of the best exercises for dogs.  * Going for a swim at the lake is great fun. * ...

Overall, we can confirm that most dachshunds are not afraid of water. As long as you’ve introduced the pup to water and bathtime properly it’s very likely that there will be no issues going forward. 

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