Do Long Haired Dachshunds Shed A Lot And How To Deal With It?

Getting a new dog means getting ready for a few challenges which leads to the question – do long-haired dachshunds shed a lot and how to deal with it if yes?

Do Long-Haired Dachshunds Shed A Lot?

It’s fair to say that long-haired dachshunds are “medium shedders” although that can depend on your point of view. We’ll compare them with other breeds more below but let’s just say that these dogs shed a bit but are perfectly manageable.

Is Long-Haired Dachshund Shedding Less Or More Compared To Other Dachshunds?

If you want a Doxie that doesn’t shed too much, the long-haired variant of the breed is not the best choice. The short and smooth-haired dachshund coat type is ...

All this can sound like long-haired dachshunds are more than just “a medium shedder” but the problem really isn’t that significant.

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Do Dachshunds Shed Enough To Necessitate Professional Grooming?

Is professional grooming strictly necessary? No, not strictly. But it is recommended, especially if you haven’t done it before. Two routine visits to the ...

How To Groom A Longhaired Dachshund Yourself?

Here are a few things to consider: * It’s good to start early and to make the whole process a positive experience. * Get a grooming table. * ...

The good news is that when you know that your dog sheds seasonally you can take measures and get your pooch to a groomer. This will minimize the shedding by a lot.

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