Do Mini Dachshunds Shed and If Yes – How Much Of A Challenge Is That?

Getting a new fluffy pet in your home usually means lots of hair in the air so do mini dachshunds shed and if yes – how much of a challenge is that?

Do Mini Dachshunds Shed?

In a word – yes, they do. All dogs shed at least a little just as people do too. Hair just needs to be replaced after a while. Unless you’ve got a hairless cat, every furry pet will mean at least some extra hairs on your floor and furniture.

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The good news is that most mini dachshunds don’t really shed that much. While some breeds like the Samoyed can turn your home into a white cloud of dog hair, a ...

A professional groomer won’t be strictly necessary for mini dachs but occasional grooming is a good idea. The reason professional help isn’t ...

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Do Different Mini Doxie Coat Types Shed Differently?

Definitely yes. Not only do some types of mini Doxies shed more than others but the type of shedding is different as well. The biggest difference is between smooth-haired and wire-haired mini dachshunds.

Wire-haired Mini Dachshunds

What’s unique about these mini Doxies is that they have an undercoat beneath their wiry long hair. This means that – like other double-coated dogs – they need to molt twice a year rather than shed a little bit every day

Even long-haired and wire-haired mini Doxies shed much less than the average canine. This makes the mini Doxie breed an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with too much dog hair.

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