Why Do Dachshunds Have Bad Breath And What To Do About It?


How often should I bathe my dachshund, and how much brushing and grooming does my dog need?

How often should a dachshund be brushed?

This will depend on y our dog’s coat length and type, as well as on how often your dachshund gets dirty.

Why do dachshunds smell?

Dachshunds don’t have any inherent smell that’d differentiate them from other breeds.

How do I keep my dachshunds coat shiny?

Keeping a dog’s coat in a good condition requires some work but isn’t all that difficult all things considered.

Do dachshunds like water?

Doxies aren’t a “water dog” breed and their history doesn’t necessarily involve swimming or frequent bathing.

All of the above can be done easily at home once you get the hang of every individual step.

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