How Big Are Miniature Dachshunds And Why That’s Important

So, you want a tiny Doxie but you’re not clear exactly what to expect. Let’s find out how big are miniature dachshunds exactly and why that’s important.

How Big Are Miniature Dachshunds?

Up to 11 pounds of weight (<5 kg), usually about 9 or 10 pounds (~4 kg) 5 or 6 inches of height at the shoulder (12.7 to 15 cm), meaning that you should measure from the floor to the base of the neck About 12.5 to 13 inches of torso length (30 to 35 cm), counted from the base of the head to the base of the tail

Is The Health Of A Miniature Dachshund Worsened By Its Smaller Size?

In a word – no. Or, at the very least, not in theory. Mini dachshunds don’t have any significant increase in their health risks compared to standard dachshunds.

On average and as of now – yes, mini Doxies are somewhat more expensive than standard dachshunds.

Are Miniature Dachshunds More Expensive?

A standard dachshund’s weight starts from 16 pounds (7.3 kg) up so if your mini Doxie is somewhere between 11 and 16 pounds, either it’s overweight or you’ve got a mixed breed dog.

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