How Do You Treat A Dachshund That Has Bad Breath?

So, you’re kneeling to give your pet a hug and a kiss and you’re greeted by a foul smell. Why do dachshunds have bad breath and what to do about it?

How do you treat a dachshund that has bad breath?

The solution to every problem depends on the problem itself.

If your dog’s bread is nasty due to poor dental hygiene, the solution is also simple – start brushing your dog’s teeth a couple of times a week. 

Why does my dachshund mouth stink?

There can be dozens of reasons for bad breath in dogs and the dachshund is no exception.

Most of the time it’s just something nasty the dog has eaten, be it some trash or poor quality dog food.

How often should Dachshunds get their teeth cleaned?

Ideally – twice a week to prevent the occurrence of any dental problems. 

If there already is an issue, you should talk with your vet about how often exactly to brush your dog’s teeth and for other treatments.

How do you brush a dachshunds teeth?

Brushing a dachshund’s teeth is easy if you are slow and meticulous about it at first.

Remember to always pause or stop when your dog is uncomfortable instead of forcing it. 

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