How Many Puppies Do Miniature Dachshunds Have?

Mini Doxies are so adorable that you’d be forgiven to want to breed as many of them as possible.

How Many Litters Can A Miniature Dachshund Have?

Hypothetically, a female miniature dachshund can get pregnant and give birth twice a year.

Until What Age Can A Miniature Dachshund Get Pregnant?

Even a 12-year-old dog can get pregnant and give birth just as elderly human women can get pregnant too. 

How Many Litters Should A Miniature Dachshund Have?

All of the above means that you basically have an interval of 4 or 5 years for safe breeding, i.e. 4 or 5 litters.

What’s The Average Dachshund Litter Size?

Smaller breeds tend to have fewer puppies than larger dogs for obvious reasons.

Miniature dachshunds are a good example of this and their litters will very rarely go above 6 pups.

For reference, larger breeds will often have litters of up to 10 or more puppies so that’s basically twice as much as a mini Doxie.

Hypothetically, a miniature dachshund can get pregnant and give birth up to 6 times if she’s healthy and well taken care of. 

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