How Much Do Wiener Dogs Cost In Pet Stores and Breeders?

Getting a dog is a long-term expense but the initial investment matters too, which begs the question – how much do wiener dogs cost in pet stores and breeders?

How Much Do Wiener Dogs Cost On Average?

It’s impossible to point to a single number here as dachshunds can cost as little as $200 or as much as $3,500. In fact, you can even find free abandoned Doxies in many shelters and rescues while some rare few pups can cost north of $5,000.

Why Does The Dachshund Price Fluctuate That Much?

The calculation behind a Doxie’s price is quite complicated. It includes factors such as 1) whether the dog is purebred or not, 2) whether there is a certain rare coat or genetic variation, and 3) where you’re buying the dog from. And it’s that last point that’s actually the most crucial one.

Even when talking about just pet stores and puppy mills, it’s difficult to cite a concrete price. Most of the time, Doxies in pet stores will cost between $500 and $2,000 but there are exceptions.

How Much Do Dachshunds Cost At Pet Stores and Puppy Mills?

How Much Are Weenie Dogs At Shelters and Rescues?

Doxies are unfortunately common in shelters and rescues as are many other breeds. A lot of them are both healthy and purebred too – they are just unlucky with having been bought by crappy people.

What’s The Purebred Dachshund Price At Reputable Breeders?

Professional and reputable breeders are the best place to visit if you want a healthy, well-adjusted, and purebred puppy. Their prices can be higher than those of pet stores, however, and that’s due to all the care and effort that are put into breeding the best possible pups. A reputable breeder doesn’t allow inbreeding and makes sure that all negative genetic predispositions are bred out of their pups.

The main cost of looking after a dog comes with the veterinary costs later on in the dog’s life. So, if paying a bit extra up front can save you thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars down the line – that’s a good investment.

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