How Smart Are Dachshunds Compared To Other Breeds?

Doxies are one bizarre breed. Cute, playful, and weird, they always get the attention they want. However, how smart are dachshunds compared to other breeds?

How Smart Are Dachshunds?

So, are dachshunds intelligent? Indeed they are. But, it turns out that knowing how smart are dachshunds is only half the question

Dachshund Intelligence Ranking

The most famous dog intelligence ranking is the one coined by one Stanley Cohen, a canine psychologist. According to his ranking, dachshunds ranked #92 out of 138 dog breeds.

Not at all. However, it does seem to indicate something that’s very well-known for most breeders and that’s dachshunds are pretty stubborn.

Does This Mean That Doxies Are… Dumb?

The Different Types Of Intelligence

Different professionals look at different criteria but one thing is always consistent – there’s more than one way to measure intelligence.

Are Standard and Mini Dachshunds Equally Intelligent?

If you’re a fan of mini Doxies, don’t worry – there doesn’t seem to be any major difference between standard and miniature dachshunds in terms of intelligence.

In almost everyday terms, dachshunds are not just intelligent – they are very intelligent. One might say – annoyingly intelligent. Or, in other words, they are less annoyingly clever.

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