How To Avoid IVDD And Back Problems In Dachshunds ?

IVDD in dachshunds is a famous problem that many pet owners dread. So, let’s go over the 5 main tips for how to prevent IVDD in dachshunds. 

1. Don’t Let Your Dachshund From Becoming Overweight

Obesity is a major risk factor for many conditions, including back problems.

Simply put, if your dog is overweight, that will result in further stress on its spine. 

2. Avoid Repeated Trauma and High-impact Activities

Direct physical trauma or repeated high-impact activities can harm your dog’s back either instantly or over time.

3. Focus On Extensive But Low-impact Exercise

Some simple playtime at home is also wonderful if it doesn’t include too much jumping.

4. Always Walk Your Dachshund With A Harness

A nice harness prevents such issues almost entirely.

5. Handle Your Dog With Care

The broadest and simplest tip is to just handle your dog carefully.

The most straightforward way how to prevent IVDD in dachshunds is to treat them with the care they’d need if they already had IVDD.

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