How To Crate Train A Dachshund Puppy and Why That’s Important?

Crate training can be a bit controversial but it’s a perfectly fine thing to do if you do it right. So, how to crate train a dachshund puppy, and why that’s important?

How To Crate Train A Dachshund Puppy?

The crate training process is much simpler than many people realize. While dogs aren’t as much of a den animal as some wild canines, they do use dens, particularly when giving birth, caring for their puppies, or when looking for some extra comfort.

Pick the right crate size. It should be as long as the dog’s nose-to-tail length plus a couple of extra inches. It should be as tall as the dog in a sitting position (not standing) plus a couple of extra inches.

Put the crate in the right place. It shouldn’t be an overly lively area but it should still be in or near the living room or your home office area.

At first, let your puppy explore the crate freely. Your dog shouldn’t feel forced. On the contrary – the crate should be comfy and interesting enough – it should have your dog’s favorite blanket, some toys, and so on.

Start exercising your dog before going to the crate. This will tire your pup out and make it sleepy, leading to a nap time in the crate. This nap time should be done with the crate door still open at first.

As for whether you even need to crate train a dachshund – not really. However, it is a useful tool to have and it’s enjoyable for the dachshund itself when done right. 

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