How To Get A Dachshund To Stop Barking – 5 Ways Depending On The Situation

Dog barking can be adorable but also annoying. So, here’s how to get a dachshund to stop barking – 5 ways depending on the situation. How can you calm a dachshund when you have guests?

How To Get A Dachshund To Stop Barking?

So, what are the main things that can get your dachshund into a barking fit?

1. Calming A Fearful Dog

If your dog is barking out of fear, the way to stop the barking is to calm your dog down. This will usually include putting some distance between the cause of the fear, offering some physical and verbal comfort

The immediate way to stop the barking of an attention-seeker is obviously to just give them attention. This isn’t a good long-term strategy, however, as it will only teach your dog to do it again.

2. Dealing With An Attention-seeking Dog

3. Barking Out Of Boredom

This can feel similar to the above point but it’s different. The easiest way to tell the two apart is if the dog is barking at you or at literally anything else – the wall, the sky, etc.

4. Stop Defensive Barking

Dachshunds aren’t guard dogs so if your Doxie is barking to protect you, your main approach should be to show your dog that you don’t need its protection.

Doxies can have a lack of socialization due to their indoorsy lifestyle, and they can suffer from separation anxiety if you leave them home alone too often.

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