How To Introduce New Dog Food Quickly And Smoothly

Figuring out how to introduce new dog food quickly and smoothly is a problem many dog owners don’t realize they may someday need to tackle. After all, dogs are enthusiastic eaters, right?

When and How To Introduce New Dog Food To Your Pet?

Changing dog food is usually an easy and issue-free process. There are lots of reasons to do it too as well as several different ways to go about it.

When Is The Right Time For Changing Dog Food?

There are several especially common reasons to try and switch your dog’s food. Most are pretty standard, expected, and inconsequential. Some, however, can be necessitated because of a health problem or a behavioral issue.

It doesn’t really matter as long as the quality of the food is still good. Besides, dog foods vary greatly even within the same brands.

Switching Dog Food To The Same Or To A Different Brand?

Is Switching Dog Food A Time-consuming Process?

Not necessarily but it could be. Most dogs are pretty ravenous eaters and will happily binge anything you put in their bowl. Some, however, can be somewhat cat-like and refuse to try their new food after even just a single sniff.

How To Transition In The Smoothest Possible Way?

If your dog is 100% adamant about not liking any new food you offer, you will need to resort to some deception. The first and most intuitive method you can try is to sprinkle your dog’s new food with some delicious food he or she likes.

If you are about to switch the food of a free-feeding dog, this is a good time to also stop free-feeding altogether and just move to a specific feeding schedule.

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