How To Make A Dog Roll Over In 9 Quick and Easy Steps

One of the many joys of having a dog is all the tricks you can teach it. So, here’s how to make a dog roll over in 9 quick and easy steps. 

How To Make A Dog Roll Over?

* Make sure the dog knows and trusts you. This is a big reason why obedience training is always recommended early on. * Teach your dog how to sit down. * Teach your dog how to lay down.

So, Here’s Our 9-step Process:

1. Tell your dog to lay down. 2. Kneel in front of your dog and present its favorite treat. 3. Move the treat toward the nose of the dog but slightly to the side (in the direction opposite the one ...

If your dog is stopping at any point in the process, don’t worry – that’s normal. Just repeat the initial steps your dog is getting right and keep offering a treat for ...

What If My Dog Doesn’t Want To Roll Over?

Why Bother Teaching Your Dog To Roll Over?

The “Roll over” trick isn’t a part of a dog’s obedience training routine and doesn’t have any inherent benefit other than fun. It is a good bonding exercise though as it’s something both you and your dog can enjoy together.

Can Rolling Over Hurt A Dog’s Back?

The rolling over-exercise itself is very unlikely to cause any damage to your dog’s back. Something like ...

Training dogs to roll over is not bad at all. Not if the dog is healthy and if you’re not going too far with the treats. Then, there should be nothing wrong with the occasional roll overtrick.

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