A Quick Guide On How To Stop An Older Dog From Peeing In The House


Getting through the puppy peeing phase is a huge success for any dog owner but do you know how to stop an older dog from peeing in the house?

How To Stop An Older Dog From Peeing In The House?

The first step to stopping the problem is identifying its cause. We all know why young pups pee everywhere – they don’t know better and are yet to be house trained. Older dogs don’t pee  ...

The 6 Main Physical Reasons For A Senior Dog Urinating In House

The most common physical causes of the problem are the following 6: * Urinary tract infection (UTI) * Kidney infection * ...

The 3 most common ones usually include: * Territorial issues * Stress or anxiety

3 Emotional/Psychological Reasons For An Older Dog Peeing Inside

How To Manage An Old Dog Peeing A Lot Indoors?

You can try and get a better handle on your dog’s peeing problem with any of the following tools: * Get a pet loo for your dog to pee on at home. * ...

The short answer is that either a vet will be able to help you or you’re going to need to help yourself by managing your dog’s problem better. This is an unfortunate reality of old age in dogs but it’s perfectly normal.

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