How To Tell If Your Dachshund Is Miniature?

As a doxie owner, you may be wondering how to tell if your dachshund is miniature or standard, as this breed comes in two recognized sizes.

Miniature Dachshund and Standard – Origins Of The Breed

What should I look for when buying a miniature dachshund is a question to ponder before getting a doxie. Being on the fence on which size dachshund to get is natural, as both are just as lovely. 

Is My Dachshund A Mini Or Standard?

What size should a miniature Dachshund be, depends on individual cases, but some proportions are specific to a mini dachshund. 

Since the dachshund is a recognized breed, the question of the mini dachshund and its purity comes to light.

Is A Mini Dachshund Purebred?

Why The Preference For Mini Dachshunds

People looking to get a dachshund already have a mind to get a small dog. The option to get an even smaller one is even better.

Miniature Dachshund Health Considerations

All modern dogs are the result of human breeding and as such many have plenty of health issues. This is mostly due to the fact that natural selections no longer had a part to play in their evolution. 

Many elements go into deciding what dog to get and how to tell if your dachshund is miniature is one. Regardless of whether the standard of mini doxie is a preference, they both possess some similar features. 

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