Dachshund Separation Anxiety Barking


Many dog owners have to deal with a common and highly frustrating problem – your dog is well-behaved when you’re home but turns into an air defense alarm siren when you’re at work. What gives?

Why Is My Dog Barking When I’m Away?

Barking is an often-annoying but perfectly normal canine behavior. We tend to try and train that away in household pets because the noise can be a bit too much but barking due to separation anxiety can be especially difficult to deal with.

What Exactly Is Separation Anxiety In Dogs?

is a very common problem in pet dogs, especially in highly intelligent and social breeds like the dachshund. These are qualities we typically seek in pets, but the separation anxiety problem has to be dealt with.

The quick answer is that dachshunds are on par with other breeds that are prone to separation anxiety, such as Labrador Retrievers, poodles, pugs, and most non-guard dogs.

Do Dachshunds Bark More Than Other Dogs Due To Separation Anxiety?

What Other Problems Does Separation Anxiety Lead To?

• Restlessness, Disobedience, Depression, Destructive tendencies, Escape attempts, Digging in plant pots & Urination and defecation

How To Deal With Dachshund Separation Anxiety Barking?

What helps some is 100% ineffective for others and vice versa. That’s why you’ll also notice a lot of controversies online over some solutions such as music, scents . . .

What Usually Works?

• Get a baby cam to see exactly what your dog does when you’re away. • Talk with your vet about some calming medication. • Give your dog plenty of exercise and attention in the morning

What Works Occasionally?

• Noises • A second dog • Puzzle/interactive toys

• Punishment • Obedience training • Crating

What Doesn’t Work?

How To Prevent Dachshund Separation Anxiety Barking In The First Place?

The “prevention” methods are the same as the ways to deal with separation anxiety once it occurs. This isn’t a disease, after all, it’s just what happens when our dogs miss us.

Dachshund Separation Anxiety Barking – Is It That Big Of A Deal?

 Simply put, because they miss us. It’s a perfectly normal and understandable reaction that most social pet breeds exhibit.

It’s still normal, however, and it literally means that your dog loves you and misses you when you’re away. So, if anything, you ought to be more flattered than annoyed.

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