Is Apple Juice Good For Dogs Or Is It A Bad Or Risky Idea?

Dogs tend to love apples both as a treat and as a part of their meals but is apple juice good for dogs or is it a bad or risky idea?

Can Dogs Drink Apple Juice?

In a word – yes. Raw apple juice doesn’t (or shouldn’t) have anything that isn’t present in apples and dogs can eat apples. The question of is apple juice good for dogs, however, is much more critical.

Is Apple Juice Good For Dogs?

In general, apple juice is very ill-advised for dogs. That’s because, while there is “apple juice” in apples, the juice isn’t what makes apples good for dogs...

The main and immediate risk of letting your dog drink apple juice is diarrhea. Drinking more than even just a few gulps can send your pup in an unexpected and violent fit of diarrhea the likes of which you haven’t seen before.

The Potential Risks Of Letting Your Dog Drink Apple Juice?

What To Do If Your Dog Has Drunk Apple Juice?

As the immediate consequence of drinking too much apple juice is diarrhea, there aren’t too many major things you’ll need to do. Diarrhea passes eventually and if the only cause of it is the apple juice, there shouldn’t be much cause for concern...

Is Apple Juice For Dogs Ever An Acceptable Idea?

On some rare occasions, a bit of apple juice can be a decent option for your dog. The main example is constipation – apple juice is an effective remedy for this problem.

The simplest thing to do is to avoid apple juice altogether. The few benefits this liquid has are all better served by other methods. The drawbacks and potential health risks for your dog are just not worth it.

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