Is It Normal For Dachshunds Feet To Turn Out?

Dachshunds have a lot of peculiar features but they are not all fun.

Dachshund Legs Turned Out – Is This Normal?

Up to a point, it is normal for your dachshund’s legs to be a bit turned out.

Why Are Dachshund Legs Turned Out?

The main reason is inherent to the breed and unavoidable.

Other Causes Of Dachshund Legs Turned Out

The achondroplasia isn’t the only reason why your dachshund’s legs might be a bit too crooked.

Physical trauma – dachshunds are small and relatively fragile dogs so physical trauma can easily cause them problems.

Overgrown nails – people often underestimate this problem but it’s quite common for dog breeds that spend most of their time indoors.

If you let your dachshund get overweight, its legs are going to have problems carrying all this weight around.

Antebrachial growth deformity (ABGD) – this issue is partly genetic and partly caused by poor nutrition and other growth issues.

So, Dachshund Legs Turned Out – What To Do?

The first and obvious thing would be to go to the vet.

They will examine your dog, find the exact cause of the problem, and tell you how to care for your pooch.

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