Is My Dachshund Overweight

Doxies are adorable little wieners but they can put on weight somewhat easily. So, is my dachshund overweight – here are 5 ways to figure out if your dog is too fat. 

Is My Dachshund Overweight and Why Is That A Problem?

yes. And as adorable as a little pudgy Doxie can be, it should go without saying that raising an overweight dachshund is not good. 

5 Ways To Determine Is My Dachshund Overweight

• Look at the numbers. • Feel the ribs. • The eye test. • Look for visible fat. Another eye test is to just look for visible fat under the skin. •  Where’s the skip in the step?

Weight loss is a long and extensive subject but the gist of it is very simple – switch to a more low-fat diet that’s still high in nutritional value.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Is Overweight?

Fortunately, determining whether your pet is overweight or not is quite easier than it might seem. And, yes, most of the ways to do that is to just look at your dog’s body.

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