My Dachshund Is Coughing And Gagging – How Bad Is It?

When our pets start coughing we often panic as we don’t know what’s causing it. Just as with our coughs, if your pet starts coughing, there are numerous harmless and a few problematic reasons.

Dachshund Coughing and Gagging – What To Do?

First and foremost, you should refrain from panicking unnecessarily. It’s perfectly normal for a dog to lightly cough from time to time if there’s some mild irritation in its troat.

Possible Causes Of Your Dachshund Coughing and Gagging

• Larynx inflammation • Kennel cough • Bronchitis • Lower respiratory disease • Pneumonia

keep an eye for vomiting, lethargy, mood swings, appetite changes, distress, trouble breathing, wheezing, and other such symptoms. 

Accompanying Symptoms To Watch Out For

What If Your Dog Is Sneezing and Coughing?

• Airborne irritants • Reverse sneezing • Play sneezing • Allergie

What To Do If Your Dachshund Is Coughing and Gagging Continuously?

The only immediately urgent cause of a cough is a bone or another object stuck in your dog’s throat. If your dog has just eaten bones, that’s a very serious possibility.

When Exactly Should You Go To The Vet?

Some say after 12 hours, others – after 24 to 36 hours, and others – 72 hours after the cough has started.

If it’s mostly coughing and just gagging a bit at the end of each cough – it’s probably not a stuck object. In that case, the problem isn’t immediate and you should wait a bit to see what happens.

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