My Dog Poops In Its Crate When Left Alone – What To Do?

You may be relieved that your dog has pooped in its crate rather than on the sofa or the carpet in the living room. Crates are easier to clean, after all. 

Why My Dog Poops In Its Crate When Left Alone?

• Infections • Muscle and nerve disease • Inflammatory bowel disease • Incontinence • Medications

Can Pooping In The Crate Be Just A Harmless Accident?

• Potty training has been an issue. • The crate is just too big. • Your dog is experiencing anxiety.

Usually, yes – pooping inside the crate is not normal behavior for dogs. 

Should You Worry If Your Dog Poops In Crate When Left Alone?

Additional Questions

If a dog poops in other “forbidden” areas that aren’t its “den”, then this isn’t the same symptom it is otherwise. 

My Neighbor’s Dog Poops In My yard

It’s perfectly natural for a dog to pee in your neighbor’s yard – after all your dog has no concern about the private property of other people.

My Dog Poops In The House When Left Alone – What To Do?

If your dog has gone through successful potty training then you either need to include more walks in your daily schedule or there is once again a possible health issue you’ll need to deal with.

A dog pooping inside its crate can be just a sign of incomplete potty training or an improperly chosen crate. It can also be behavioral or stress-related. 

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