Pes Varus In Dachshunds And The Leg Problems It Brings

Living with a tiny four-legged cowboy may sound unbearably cute but it’s not all fun and games. Pes varus in dachshunds and the leg problems it brings are unfortunate but thankfully not untreatable.

What Is Pes Varus In Dachshunds?

Pes varus translates from Latin as simple “Foot inward”. And that’s exactly what Pes varus does to your dog – it curves your Doxie’s hind legs inward. 

How Can You Treat Pes Varus In Dachshunds?

Fortunately, recent veterinary surgical advances have made Pes varus treatable. It does require surgical intervention, however, in the form of a corrective osteotomy. 

Pes varus in dachshunds, as well as in other dogs, happens when the shinbone growth plate gets closed prematurely and leads to the asymmetrical growth of the tibia.

What Causes Pes Varus In Dachshunds?

All in all, Pes varus is a very annoying and unfortunate health condition that quite a few dachshunds can suffer from.

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