Pet Insurance For Dachshunds – Is It Expensive And Is It Worth It?

Pet insurance is always a tricky subject, especially for breeds like the Doxie. So, pet insurance for dachshunds – is it expensive and is it worth it?

How Much Is The Standard Pet Insurance For Dachshunds?

Overall, pet insurance for dachshunds in the US tends to range between $45 and $60 a month. Comparatively, in the UK the averages are closer to £25 and £35 per month.

Do You Need Pet Insurance For Dachshunds?

Insurance of any kind is largely a matter of lottery – either you’ll need it and it will be worth it or you won’t need it and it will only be worth the peace of mind it offers.

When the average insurer sees this predisposition, they’ll probably ask for around $60 a month. For a full year, this means $720. A dachshund can live up to 16 years on average, however.

Many people get to is that it’s usually better not to waste money on pet insurance and to just invest that money in taking good care of your dog.

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