Potty Training A Dachshund – All Tips, Tricks, and Know-How


Potty training is one of the first barriers first-time dog owners face. How well you pass this test will determine how easy and enjoyable life with your pup is going to be. 

How To Approach Potty Training A Dachshund?

1. Keep a close eye on your dachshund 2. You’ll need to go out very often at the beginning 3. Don’t hesitate to pick up your dachshund mid-wee 4. Location, location, location 5. Focus on positive reinforcement

How To Potty Train A Mini Dachshund – Is There A Difference?

Not really. On one side, mini Doxies wee less so there’s less of a mess to deal with. On the other hand, they are even quieter and sneakier than standard dachshunds so it may be harder to catch them in/before the act.

Yes. Dachshunds, Dalmatians, Jack Russel terriers, Afgan hounds,  and Bichon Frise are the few breeds most notorious for how annoying their potty training is. 

Is Dachshund Potty Training Difficult Compared To Other Breeds?

Crate Training And Potty Training A Dachshund – Are The Two Intrinsically Linked?

Very much so. Getting a crate for your dachshund is an amazing tool for the potty training process. 

How long does potty training a dachshund take?

Anywhere between a couple of weeks and 2-3 months, depending on how well you do.

What to do if your Doxie just don’t get with the programming?

If your dachshund is taking longer than average to learn the process this isn’t a sign that the dog is dumb – it just means that there’s a gap somewhere in the potty training process.

Does My Dog Have A UTI?

UTIs are annoying but very treatable, so you don’t need to worry. Just get your dog to the vet and the problem will be quickly resolved.

Crating your dog is not necessarily recommended in that instance as the pup will feel isolated and punished. 

Guests Are Coming Over – How To Avoid A Disaster?

Knowing how to potty train a dachshund is one thing but actually doing it is another. Potty training any dog requires a lot of patience and smaller breeds like the dachshund are notorious for being extra annoying in that regard.

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