Reasons Why Dogs Lie On Their Backs

Dachshunds and back problems are almost synonymous but what if your dachshund is sleeping on its back and in weird poses – should you be concerned?

Is it comfortable for dogs to sleep on their back?

If they don’t have any back pain and problems – sure, there’s no reason not to be comfortable. Granted, that’s not the most natural and comfortable —

position for prolonged sleep but it’s perfectly normal for a healthy and happy dog to occasionally turn on its back for a while when sleeping.

If anything, if your dog is sleeping on its back, this indicates that it has no back pain, it feels at ease with its —

surroundings and with you, and it is generally happy and carefree. It could also indicate that your dog is hot and is trying to cool off or, —

instead, that it’s trying to get some sunlight coming from the window. Neither of those should be an issue, however, as if your dog is too hot or too cold.

Why does my dog sleep on her back with her legs in the air?

Most probably because it’s happy, comfortable, and at ease. It could also be looking to cool off or to catch some sun rays —

coming through the window. But if you’re worried that your dog may have some sort of health or back pain issue – don’t be, there’s no reason to think that.

If anything, if your dog had back pain then it’d be laying on its side and not on its back. And, in the case of other health issues, dogs then usually lay in more curled or depressed positions.

Why does my dog lay on his back when I pet him?

Cause it wants belly rubs, most probably. Dogs lay on their back when they feel happy and comfortable, and when they want your attention.

So, just rub that belly and don’t worry about health issues as just laying on its back is no symptom of health problems – especially not when petting is involved.

When a dog is llaying on its back and wiggling – it shows trust and it begs for belly rubs.

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