Dachshund Sleeping On Back And In Weird Poses – Should You Be Concerned?

Last Updated on July 24, 2022 by Cristina

Dachshunds and back problems are almost synonymous but what if your dachshund is sleeping on its back and in weird poses – should you be concerned? Does this signify back pain? Some other forms of health problems? Or have you just gotten a bit too paranoid from reading too much stuff online? Let’s try to give you a conclusive answer below by going over the main reasons for a dachshund sleeping on back.

Why Is Your Dachshund Sleeping On Back And In A Strange Position?

So, to calm your nerves right off the bat – no, this is no symptom of back pain, Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), or any other problem. The exact opposite, actually, the quickest and simplest answer to that is – because your dog is happy and comfortable. But, if we’re to elaborate a bit further, here are the main reasons for a dachshund sleeping on back.

1. Your Pup Is Still Young

This may not sound like a “proper reason” but all young pups and kittens love sleeping in bizarre and seemingly uncomfortable positions. Their bodies are still exceptionally flexible and they are more than restless enough to assume the weirdest poses even when sleeping. 

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2. Your Doxie Feels Comfortable And At Ease In Your Home

The most common and simple explanation for a dachshund sleeping on back is that your dog feels safe in its surroundings. Sleeping in that position is one of the most direct signifiers that you have a happy and well-adjusted dog that doesn’t feel threatened in your home.

3. Your Pet Wants To Get Some Belly Rubs

If your dog isn’t exactly in deep sleep but is just demonstrably posing with its belly in front of you, then it’s time for some belly rubs. It may be that your dog wants affection or it may be that it’s trying to entice you for some playtime instead. Either way, there’s no cause for concern.

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4. It’s Time For Some Stretching

Back pains are not necessary for your dog to stretch its back a bit – we do it all the time too. It’s not uncommon even for adult and senior dogs to occasionally stretch their backs on the floor and then just fall asleep in that position. There’s no reason to worry and no need to shift your dog’s position while it sleeps even if it’s a senior.

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5. Your Dog May Be Enjoying The Sun

If your dachshund is sleeping on its back directly under the window in the middle of the day, it may be that it’s just enjoying the sun rays on its belly. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog is cold – if it was it would have looked for a blanket to get under. Instead, this simply indicates that your dog is sunbathing.

6. Dachshunds Also Like To Cool Off That Way

Alternatively, if your dog is in the shade, it may be sleeping that way to cool off a bit. The standard doggie curled sleeping position conserves body heat which may not feel nice for your dog in the middle of a hot summer day.

So, laying spread on its back and with legs in the air is just an easy way to cool off a bit. And, if you’re worried that your dog may be too hot in the summer – this alone isn’t an indication of that. Instead, watch for panting and make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water near it.

Dachshunds Also Like To Cool Off That Way


So, a dachshund sleeping on back – should you worry? Not at all. Few things are more normal or adorable than a puppying laying on its back. Just rub your pet’s belly for a bit and let it sleep as much as it wants – the fact that it’s on its back is nothing but good news as your dog is comfortable and happy around you.


Is it comfortable for dogs to sleep on their back?

If they don’t have any back pain and problems – sure, there’s no reason not to be comfortable. Granted, that’s not the most natural and comfortable position for prolonged sleep but it’s perfectly normal for a healthy and happy dog to occasionally turn on its back for a while when sleeping.
If anything, if your dog is sleeping on its back, this indicates that it has no back pain, it feels at ease with its surroundings and with you, and it is generally happy and carefree. It could also indicate that your dog is hot and is trying to cool off or, instead, that it’s trying to get some sunlight coming from the window. Neither of those should be an issue, however, as if your dog is too hot or too cold, it won’t just be sleeping calmly on its back.

Why does my dog sleep on her back with her legs in the air?

Most probably because it’s happy, comfortable, and at ease. It could also be looking to cool off or to catch some sun rays coming through the window. But if you’re worried that your dog may have some sort of health or back pain issue – don’t be, there’s no reason to think that. If anything, if your dog had back pain then it’d be laying on its side and not on its back. And, in the case of other health issues, dogs then usually lay in more curled or depressed positions.

Why does my dog lay on his back when I pet him?

Cause it wants belly rubs, most probably. Dogs lay on their back when they feel happy and comfortable, and when they want your attention. So, just rub that belly and don’t worry about health issues as just laying on its back is no symptom of health problems – especially not when petting is involved.

Why does my dog lay on his back and wiggle?

Cause life is good? At least from the dog’s point of view, that’s the most likely explanation. When a dog is happy and comfortable with you, laying on its back and wiggling is the most natural thing to do – it shows trust and it begs for belly rubs.