Shar-Pei Dachshund Mix – A Rare But Fascinating Cross

Some crossbreeds are almost as popular and common as their parent breeds but that’s not the case with the Shar-Pei Dachshund mix – a rare but fascinating cross. 

What Does A Shar-Pei Dachshund Mix Look Like?

Dachshunds and Shar-Peis are different in a lot of ways, but especially so physically. For one, Shar-Peis tend to be twice as tall as dachshunds and about twice as heavy.

How Much Exercise Does A Dachshund and Shar-Pei Mix Dog Need?

These dogs are energetic and playful but can also get exhausted very easily because of their low body frame. About an hour or hour and a half of outdoor exercise should usually be enough for them.

Both parent breeds of this cross are fairly healthy so the mix should be too as long as it comes from a reputable breeder. 

Health Specifics Of A Dachshund Shar-Pei Mix Puppy

Pros and Cons Of The Dachshund Shar-Pei Cross

Pros: * Unique and rare breed * Great guard and watchdogs * A playful and intelligent breed

Cons: * Self-minded, stubborn, and domineering temperament * Difficult to train * Varying physical characteristics

The overly dominant personality of these dogs can make them difficult to train. If you get a sickly puppy on top of that, you can be in for a very unpleasant double whammy.

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