Shih Tzu And Dotson Mix – The Adorable Schweenie

Designer lapdog breeds are both cute and make for great family pets. That especially the case for the Shih Tzu and Dotson mix – the adorable Schweenie!

Appearance and Physical Characteristics

Like other crossbreeds, the Shih Tzu and Dotson mix’s appearance falls right in the middle of its parent breeds. Like them, the Schweenie is a small dog that rarely grows taller than 11 to 20 inches (27.5 to 50 cm) and heavier than 9 to 20 lbs (4 to 9 kg).

Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix Temperament

One of the best things about the Shih Tzi and Dotson mix is its lovable character. This crossbreed is social, gentle, loyal, playful, and very sweet. These dogs love to play and to spend time with their humans...

Because of its small size and short legs, the Shih Tzu and Dotson mix doesn’t need too much outdoor and/or yard time. 30 to 45 minutes of a brisk walk per day is usually enough for this breed, ideally divided into two separate trips...

Exercise Needs Of The Shih Tzu and Wiener Dog Mix

Health Specifics Of The Shih Tzu and Dotson Mix

The great news is that the Schweenie suffers from much fewer cases of Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) or hip and elbow dysplasia compared to the dachshund. You should still watch out for those, of course, but they are considerably less likely.

Schweenie Pros and Cons

Pros: -Great companion and lapdog -Well-suited for apartments -Gets along well with kids and other dogs Cons: -Be careful with this breed’s separation anxiety issues -Can be moody and stubborn – obedience training is a must -Adequate grooming is essential for this dog

If you’re looking for a small, manageable, and cute family dog, the Schweenie is a great choice. This breed is very well suited for apartment dwellers and it doesn’t require too much outdoor exercise...

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