Should You Give a Long-Haired Dachshund a Haircut?

Having a dachshund puppy is a great joy but it also poses certain questions. For example, when do long haired dachshunds hair grow out fully?

Are you supposed to cut long-haired Dachshunds hair?

Long haired dachshunds are a single-coated breed which means that they don’t have an undercoat.

With a single-coated breed such as the long haired dachshund, however, none of this is a problem.

How can I tell if my Dachshund is going to have long hair?

There are usually a few telltale signs of whether a puppy is going to grow up into a short or long haired dachshund.

Future long haired puppies will start having a noticeably fluffier and more furry coat as early as their 4to to 6th week.

Do all long-haired Dachshunds have long hair?

Almost by definition, a long haired dachshund will have long hair, yes.

If your question is whether the offspring of two long haired dachshunds is always long haired – that’s not always the case.

 In dachshunds, the gene for long hair is recessive and the gene for short hair is dominant

so it’s possible for two long haired dachshunds to have short haired Doxies in their litter along side the long haired ones.

The transformation of a dachshund’s coat is a rather straightforward and slow process and it doesn’t involve too many drastic changes.

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