Size & Life Expectancy of A Teacup Dachshund

Let’s go over the teacup dachshund full grown weight, height, and more facts you need to know.

How big do teacup Dachshunds get?

A toy or teacup dachshund’s full size is supposed to be up to 5 inches in height at the shoulders (12.5 cm) and up to 8 pounds of weight (3.6 kg).

Anything above that will make your dog a small miniature dachshund instead.

Then again, all toy/teacup dachshunds are basically small miniature dachshunds anyway.

How long do teacup Dachshund live?

One would expect that their average lifespan is similar to that of miniature dachshunds – 12 to 16 years.

Most such factors don’t directly lead to increased mortality when properly accounted for, however, they just bring the dog’s quality of life down.

So, while you can expect a standard lifespan of 12 to 16 years, you can also expect to have to care for your pup even better.

This is a controversial topic. The breeding of teacup dachshunds is ill-advised because of increased health risks in the pups.

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