Solid Black Long Haired Dachshund

Dachshunds come in dozens of different colors and patterns but few are as rare as the solid black long haired dachshund. Why is it so absurdly rare and what should you know about it?

Why Is The Solid Black Long Haired Dachshund Rare?

Firstly, all of the dozens of differing dachshund colors and patterns are based on just two base colors – black and red. Black is determined by the presence of eumelanin and red – by pheomelanin. 

Can Solid Black Dachshunds Only Be Long Haired?

Wire-haired dog breeds actually do not produce as much dander as most believe they would. Wirehaired dogs can come in many sizes...

Very expensive. You’d be hard-pressed to find such a pup sold for less than $2,000.

How Expensive Are Solid Black Long Haired Dachshund Pups Really?

Do Solid Black Long Haired Dachshund Dogs Have Any Extra Health Issues Compared To Other Doxies?

There isn’t anything in the genes of a solid black Doxie that’d make its health worse, so, just make sure that you get a properly bred dog.

Should I Get A Solid Black Dachshund?

Even then some people may frown down upon you as breeding such rare coat types is intrinsically associated with the risk of inbreeding.

All-black dachshunds aren’t even officially recognized by most kennel clubs such as the AKC for this very reason. Still, if you have the fund and make sure you’re getting a healthy pup, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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