Teacup Dachshund Full Grown Weight, Height, And More


Teacup dachshunds are as adorable as they are controversial. So, let’s go over the teacup dachshund full grown weight, height, and more facts you need to know.

What Is A Teacup Dachshund?

• Standard dachshund adults weigh somewhere between 16 and 30 pounds (7 to 13.5 kg) • Miniature dachshunds weigh between 8 and 11 pounds when fully grown (3.6 to 5 kg) etc

What Is The Normal Teacup Dachshund Full-grown Size?

The teacup dachshund’s full-grown size is expected to be up to 5 inches (12.5 cm). 

Teacup Dachshund Full-grown Size Chart

Health Factors That Can Stem From The Small Teacup Dachshund Full Grown Size

• Heart defects • Collapsing trachea • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) • Patella Luxation

Why Do Many Kennel Clubs Not Recognize The Teacup Or Kaninchen Dachshund?

The intentional breeding of such extraordinarily tiny pups – while cute – involves too many irresponsible breeding practices.

So, Should You Get A Teacup Dachshund?

The breeding of teacup dachshunds is ill-advised because of increased health risks in the pups. So by purchasing such a dog you’d be supporting puppy mills that will then continue breeding more sickly animals.

The last point to emphasize would be that toy/kaninchen/teacup dachshunds are widely unrecognized by most kennel clubs as a real, purebred type of dachshund. 

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