The 12 Different Types Of Dog Ears And Their Unique Specifics

Dogs have many varying characteristics but their ears often steal the show.

The Basic Ear Parts That All Different Types Of Dog Ears Have

1. Ear pinna 2. Vertical ear canal 3. Horizontal ear canal 4. Tympanic membrane or eardrum 5. Tympanic bulla or the inner ear chamber 6. Hearing organ or internal ear

The 12 Main Types Of Dog Ears

1. Bat ears 2. Blunt-tipped ears 3. Button ears 4. Candle flame ears 5. Cocked ears 6. Drop ears

The 12 Main Types Of Dog Ears

7. Filbert-shaped ears 8. Folded ears 9. Hooded ears 10. Prick ears 11. Rose ears 12. V-shaped ears

All dog ears are susceptible to infections, especially if the dog loves to swim and/or if you don’t clean your dog’s ears regularly. 

Are The Different Dog Ear Types More Or Less Susceptible To Health Problems?

Do The Different Dog Ear Shapes Have Different Health Requirements?

Studies have found that the dog breeds most likely to develop ear infections are Chinese Shar Peis, Labradoodles, and Basset hounds.

Are Cropped Ears One Of The Different Types Of Dog Ears?

Yes and no. Cropped ears are not a naturally occurring “ear shape” but are the result of cosmetic otoplasty instead. 

Not really, not unless you find some dog shapes and types cuter than others. It is true that floppy ears trap more moisture and can more easily develop ear infections when left uncleaned. 

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